Wi-Fi solutions

Norton Street is a proud partner with Ruckus Wireless. As we expect more from Wi-Fi, both in terms of a stable connection as well as a very fast connection, the demands on performance have now exceeded off-the-shelf solutions. Norton Street can provide you the robust Wi-Fi solution you need at a price you can afford. Now, with the new Xclaim product line, class-leading technology is available at price levels even lower than off-the-shelf products.

Your employees and guests are complaining that your Wi-Fi network is slow. Are they frequently losing their connection, dropping off, or getting kicked out? Ruckus BeamFlex and ChannelFly technologies overcomes these problems and more by providing extended range, adaptive signal steering and an effective approach to channel selection. Smart Wi-Fi antenna array technology improves RF performance like never before and the better the radio signal, the faster and more stable your connection will be.

Do you have a challenging Wi-Fi environment? Large number of users and/or numerous Wi-Fi networks in the area? You may have difficulty with radio interference. Ruckus technology eliminates these hurdles and leads the industry in schools, restaurants, and places of worship providing service for hundreds or even thousands of devices in a single space or location. We have special e-rate and non-profit pricing for those who qualify.

Give us a call. We can quickly design a solution that will provide long-term high performance with massive scalability that precisely fits your environment. Frequently, this means lower up-front investment because less hardware is needed.