Q: What are your hours?

A: Our regular office hours are 9:00am – 6:00pm, Monday – Friday. We are also available other hours by appointment or in an emergency. Call us to schedule a visit today.

Q: Do you sell computer hardware and software?

A: No. We will purchase it on your behalf.  We maintain close relationships with local and national vendors. We have personal account reps at vendors such as Dell.com, Dell Outlet, CDW, and many others. Since we are not beholden to any commissions or spiffs, we can provide you with the best value available. You’ll never question in whose best interest we are acting. It’s always yours.

Q: Do you sell online backup services, Web hosting, or email hosting?

A: No. While we do have these capabilities in-house, we use them for training and emergencies. This allows us to continuously monitor the market and provide you with the best value proposition in Internet and online services such as hosting and online backup. This also allows the big vendors to compete against themselves while we leverage the market forces which drive their prices down and their service levels up. We’re not in the data center business but we’ve worked in that business. We understand all about multiple redundancies and disaster prevention. Call us to discuss how we can help you better leverage the resources of “the big boys” at costs you can afford.

Q: Do you require monthly service contracts?

A: We offer them in order to provide you with reduced rates and stable, predictable IT support costs. They are NOT REQUIRED. We will work with you in a way that best satisfies your immediate and long-term needs and stays within your budget.

Q: Do I have to bring my computer(s) to you? What is your service coverage area?

A: You are welcome to, but, no, you don’t have to bring your computer to us. We can come to you as long as you are within our service area. We try to keep our drive times to 30 minutes or less from our office in the heart of downtown Durham. Exceptions can be made. If you are a residential client, and your computer is infected with a virus or other malware, we do prefer you bring it to us so as to keep your costs down. Please call us and we’ll do our utmost to help in a way that exceeds your expectations.

Q: Can you come to my office to do the work?

A: Of course. We service most of our clients on site.

Q: If I’m out of town, not in the office, or traveling on business,  can you still help me?

A: YES! We have remote support capabilities which allow us, with your permission, to see your screen, and even control it remotely, if you choose. This can make for some very quick fixes and help you get back to work quickly.

Q: Can you help me with my smartphone and my tablet? I have a(n) iPhone/iPad/Android/Windows Mobile/Kindle/Surface/Galaxy device.

A: Yes. We’ve been helping our clients synchronize their email, calendars, and contacts on their mobile devices. We can install, support, and manage your Blackberry Enterprise Server, and get ActiveSync running on your Exchange mail server so that you can get the highest level of integration on your mobile device.  We support Google Apps integration and more.

Q: Do you support Macs or PCs?

A: Both! We’ve been using and supporting Macintosh since its very introduction in 1984. We also have been using and supporting industry standard creative design software from the very first versions of PageMaker, and QuarkXpress, right up through the current versions of Adobe’s Creative Suite. On the PC side, MCSE certification was achieved in 1998 as was certification on Macintosh hardware and software. We have continuously supported all versions of Microsoft Windows for desktops and servers, as well as Windows Mobile and Microsoft Office. We have expertise in managing Windows and Mac servers including VPN, network services, and email services, database applications, and many more.

Q: How do you track issues?

A: Our issue tracking system, PRC, is a highly-customized version of Redmine, an open-source, web-based project management tool. It helps us prevent your concerns from falling through the cracks. It keeps us accountable for the time we spend working with you, your projects, and your IT assets. Would you like to know where you could save the most on your annual IT budget? With PRC, Norton Street can quickly and easily show you where and how to invest in infrastructure, training, and other projects that reduce your costs long term. Ask us for a demo. We’d love to show it you.