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Jamie Gruener

James Gruener

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What was your first computer? Jamie had an original Mac (yeah, he can’t believe it either). Since poking around in the deep, dark crevices of the first Mac operating systems to tinkering with iptables on Linux-based virtual machines, Jamie’s been messing under the hood since that Mac 128K that came home in a “travel case” from Dad’s office way back in February of 1984. Sometime late in the last century he spent some time under the influence of the world’s most dominant OS and earned a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) certification. These days, he spends his time keeping Norton Street’s clients on target, moving things to the Cloud, and building things out of wood that never have to be rebooted.

Mo Fried

Maurice “Mo” Fried
Vice President of Sales and Senior Consultant

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Mo began his career in a Data Center at a hospital in Columbus, Ohio, after graduating from Denison University with a degree in Psychology in 1989. He rode the desktop publishing revolution spawned by the birth of the Apple Macintosh, first in Knoxville, Tenn., and then in the Triangle beginning in 1994. He built digital pre-press technology infrastructures for pre-press and printing companies, hiring and training staff and focusing on error-free performance and high output. Mo joined Norton Street in October 2006 and brings management consultant experience implementing Balanced Scorecard and other performance management systems for large companies. In his off hours, Mo enjoys doing century bicycle rides, flyfishing for snook and trout, boating with his family, and throwing the ball for his white Labrador. If you have a few hours, ask him about scuba diving in the Red Sea.


Cynthia Duncan

Cynthia Duncan
Technical Coordinator

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Cynthia has come full circle returning to the IT field. She started her own consulting business in the late 80s after buying a PC and HP LaserJet and self-teaching Word and other popular programs. In the years since, she worked in a number of fields, including mortgage lending, dentistry, a parenting website, and a city-wide event planning business. The common denominator in all these positions was using existing technology to its highest level. She was a Novell network administrator, wrote and uploaded content to websites, managed a dental practice, and created programming for large community events. She is also the mother of two sons, and this experience (multi-tasking!) is what she considers her most valuable in preparation for her role as Technical Coordinator working with five techs. Cynthia is an avid Ohio State Buckeyes fan and loves to travel and find new adventures. A lifelong Ohio resident, she moved to Durham in 2013, and is enjoying the blue Carolina skies, which is not to be confused with Carolina Blue. Go Bucks!

Scott McSwain
IT Services Provider

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Though he’s been programming since high school, Scott has technically been technical since 1995, when he decided that the office staff at the asphalt company he worked for should be able to share the books through a hub. He’s spent 20 years working as a manager and in IT at construction companies, trucking companies, and in food service, so he knows the ins and outs of small business. Along the way, he picked up a commercial driver’s license and can still drive most anything on the road. After 6 p.m., he plays guitar in “Jars of Flies,” an Alice in Chains tribute band. He loves cooking, auto mechanics and vintage cars. Currently he is driving his twelfth Mazda RX7, from 1988.


Brandee Gruener

Brandee Gruener
Web Designer and Office Manager

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Brandee has had many lives as an editor, technical writer, journalist, gardener and cook. They all taught her about creating something intelligible, beautiful and appetizing. Brandee decided it was only natural to combine those skills to make smart-looking websites. Brandee has a bachelor’s degree in English from the Ohio State University, a master’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and a certificate in Web Design from Wake Technical Community College. When she can find the time, Brandee works at mastering headstands and arm balances in her yoga practice.